WELCOME FRIENDS!riends! Avalon Gathering is a community of folk with similar interests and a desire to keep the Old Ways alive. We hold various events and festivals throughout the year, including a very special summer get-together called Avalon Gathering - the first and so far, only annual pagan festival on Cape Breton Island! The events take place at a private property on the Cabot Trail. Every summer, we throw open our off-grid property, nestled in 28 acres of beautiful, natural woodlands and gardens, for a pagan festival like no other. All are welcome, from Wiccan to Druid to Asatru to Faery to - well, everyone! If you're pagan, pagan-friendly or pagan- curious, or just someone who loves to dress up and have a good time, come out and enjoy a laid-back, relaxed, fun Fest on one of the most beautiful islands in North America! BETWEEN THE WORLDS At our secluded location far off the beaten track, Avalon Gathering offers a chance to retreat from the modern world for a while, and spend time with like-minded folk. For the energetic among you, we have activities such as archery, the shield wall, tossing the caber, and other contests of strength and agility. For those who want to learn, we have workshops. We have ritual space available for groups. We have a range of vendors selling unique and handcrafted products. And if all you want to do is sunbathe, that's fine too! WELCOME TO ANCIENT BRITAINritain When you enter Avalon Gathering, you will step through the mists of time, back to the mystical island of Britain in ancient times. Here there are magical woods and hidden fairy groves, stone circles and secret gardens full of wildflowers. You may see an elf or a fairy. You may come across strangely dressed folk, and maybe a knight or a princess. Let go of your day to day existence, and enter the gates of Avalon: to find your true self once again.
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AUGUST 18 - 228 - 22


PLEASE NOTE: SCHEDULING OF AVALON GATHERING 2021 IS DEPENDENT ON COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS AT THE TIME. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE, RESTRICT, POSTPONE OR CANCEL THE FESTIVAL AS PROVINCIAL AND FEDERAL PUBLIC HEALTH ORDERS DICTATE. AVALON 9: ROMANS VS. CELTS REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SOON! We’ve had so much fun with themes in the past, that we’ve decided to go back to it. Our theme this year is Romans vs. Celts. Go back in time to the year A.D. 61, when Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni, was getting rowdy with the Romans. Get out your bows and arrows, torques and kilts, or maybe you prefer togas and laurel wreaths? Be a Celtic princess or Roman lady, a gladiator, soldier or Celtic warrior. Imperial purple, military red, or woad blue? You decide! The costume possibilities are endless. Registration will open soon, so watch this space, or join our mailing list: just email us at info@avalongathering.com. Admission is FREE! This year, because let's face it, we've all been through enough, there will be no set admission fee for Avalon Gathering. Pay what you can, if you can. Donations are always welcome, and help us offset some of the cost of putting on the festival. To donate, just send an e-transfer to info@avalongathering.com. Thank you! VENDORS WANTED We love vendors at Avalon Gathering! If you make or sell unique and handcrafted items, or if you sell products specifically for the pagan market, we want you at Avalon! To become a vendor, click the button below and fill out the registration form. For more information, download our Vendor’s Package.
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