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Merry Meet in Avalon - Cape Breton's Pagan Festival

Avalon 6: August 24-26, 2018

Welcome Friends! Avalon Gathering is a community of folk with similar interests and a desire to keep the Old Ways alive. We hold various events and festivals throughout the year, including a very special summer get-together called Avalon Gathering  - the first and so far, only annual pagan festival on Cape Breton Island! The events take place at our home on the Cabot Trail in  Cape Breton. 

Every summer, we throw open our home in the Cape Breton woods, for a pagan festival like no other. All are welcome, from Wiccan to Heathen to Druid to Asatru to Faery to - well, everyone! If you're pagan or pagan-curious, if you're an SCA or LARP group, or just someone who loves to dress up and have a good time, come out and enjoy a laid-back, relaxed, fun Fest on one of the most beautiful islands in North America!

Between the Worlds

At our secluded location far off the beaten track, Avalon Gathering offers a chance to retreat from the modern world for a while, and spend time with like-minded folk. For the energetic among you, we have activities such as archery, the shield wall, tossing the caber, and other contests of strength and agility. For those who want to learn, we have workshops. We have ritual space available for groups. And if all you want to do is sunbathe, that's fine too! 

Dress in Theme!

Every Avalon Gathering has a different theme. This year, we've chosen Robin Hood. Feel free to dress in costume - most people do, and some folk go above and beyond! Check out the photo gallery for some examples from past years. We have a Best Costume Contest, with great prizes. Of course, you can also wear ritual robes, witchy garb, faery wings, or whatever else takes your fancy.


NEWSFLASH: REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! Avalon Gathering is officially full. Thank you to everyone who donated. If you missed out, don't fret - we'll be holding another event later this year! Merry Meet in Avalon!

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The 6th Annual Avalon Gathering ~ Robin Hood

August 24-26, 2018

Admission is by donation. Suggested minimum donations:

Per Adult: $25

Per Family: $50 (2 adults + all children, any age)


Cabot Trail, Middle River, Nova Scotia, Canada

(902) 295-9009

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Fall Festival - October 12-14, 2018!

NEWS! We're adding a festival in October this year!

Fall in Cape Breton is nothing short of stunning! Come on back to the Avalon Gathering woods and gardens for a fun weekend filled with laughter, song, good friends, great food (and let's not forget the mead!) and much more. 

We will be announcing more details soon. In the meantime, sign up for our mailing list to stay on top of everything we have planned here at Avalon Gathering!

Fall Colours at Avalon Gathering

Fall Colours at Avalon Gathering

Avalon - Into the Mists

Walpurgisnacht - Faun